Arts & Culture Advisory Committee

The Arts and Culture Advisory Committee was established in 2021 to oversee the implementation and ongoing performance of the Waverley Council Arts and Culture Plan 2021-2026, and to provide advice to Council on major cultural issues, initiatives and opportunities.

Arts and Culture Advisory Committee members represent the community in an advisory role to Council. Committee members provide knowledge and diverse perspectives about creative practice, arts and cultural activities, and events relevant to the Waverley area and Council’s Cultural Plan, and other key strategies and policies.


  • Support Waverley Council in the on-going delivery of its Arts and Culture Plan by providing input into Council’s cultural processes and projects;
  • Contribute to the development and enhancement of a strong, recognisable profile for arts, culture and innovation in Waverley that reflects the local identity, diversity, and values of Waverley;
  • Support and contribute to Council’s aspirations to establish Waverley as an international arts and culture destination;
  • Provide input to consideration of Council’s priorities for innovation, arts and cultural development within the Waverley area, within the parameters of Council’s strategies and policies;
  • Facilitate communication between community representatives, cultural organisations and Council in arts and cultural related disciplines, and assist in gathering input from the local creative community in future cultural planning opportunities;
  • Contribute to the reviews of Council’s arts and cultural strategies, policies, programs and services;
  • Provide input into the assessment of applications or proposals related to cultural residencies programs and related recommendations;
  • Identify funding sources for culture in Waverley, including sponsorship and philanthropic opportunities for Council’s consideration.


          12 July 2021
          29 March 2021