Community Strategic Plan

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The NSW Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting legislation requires councils to develop a long-term community strategic plan.

Waverley’s 12-year community strategic plan, Waverley Together 3, reflects the Waverley community’s long-term priorities and aspirations for the future. These are captured in the community’s Vision, found at the beginning of the plan, which sets the strategic direction that all council operations work towards.

The body of the plan centres around the concept of the quadruple bottom line, which sets out the specific directions, strategies, targets and indicators necessary for the community to achieve the Vision. The quadruple bottom line is organised into:

  • Sustainable Community
  • Sustainable Living
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Sustainable Governance

The quadruple bottom line is then reflected in Council’s Delivery Program which sets out how Council operations will work to help the community achieve the Vision.