Our lifeguards

professional lifeguards

Waverley Council employs professional lifeguards to protect visitors to Bondi Beach . These professional lifeguards wear blue uniforms and work 365 days a year.

Waverley Council also employs lifeguards at Bronte and Tamarama beaches but these two beaches are not patrolled in the winter time.

The term lifeguard has been used since about 1994, prior to that the staff who patrolled the beach were known as beach inspectors. The first beach inspector, Dennis 'Dinny' Brown was appointed in 1913 to look after the swimmers at Bondi Beach.

What Qualifications do Lifeguards have?

Anyone wishing to be a lifeguard should be proficient in surf lifesaving or professional lifeguarding with experience and knowledge of open ocean surf beaches in a wide range of conditions. In addition to having completed the "Defibrillator" and "Necksafe" courses it is necessary for applicants to hold:

  1. Current Class 1A Driver's Licence
  2. First Aid Certificate
  3. Advanced Resuscitation Certificate
  4. P.W.C Waterways Licence

Applicants must also have a high level of physical fitness and will be required to undergo a physical test comprising an 800m pool swim to be completed under 13 minutes; a 300m – 500m ocean surf swim, followed by a 300m – 500m ocean surf rescue board paddle, followed by a 300m – 400m beach run, followed by a 300m – 500m ocean surf swim, 300m – 500m ocean surf rescue board paddle, and concluding with a 300m – 400m beach run and simulated board and tube rescues, all within a specified time period (distance subject to conditions).

For more information, please visit our Professional Lifeguard recruitment page.

What do Lifeguards do?

They put out the flags and rescue equipment, patrol designated public surf bathing and surfcraft areas as well as closely monitor dangerous swimming areas. When necessary they perform rescues and resuscitations. When there are strong rips and a big crowd they may perform over 100 rescues a day.

In addition to the front line work they provide information on surf and beach conditions to the public and give beach and water safety talks to schools and community groups.

Seasonal Lifeguards are employed for the full swimming season on a 38-hour week on a 7 day rotating roster. Casual lifeguards are engaged as required. The casuals have to meet the same requirements as the seasonal lifeguards.

When are the beaches patrolled?

Bondi Beach is patrolled 365 days a year. Bronte and Tamarama beaches are not patrolled in the winter time.

Lifeguard hours of operation

May to September: 8am- 5pm
Late September to start of daylight saving October: 6am- 6pm
Late October to end of daylight saving March: 6am- 7pm
April: 6am- 6pm

Lifeguard contact information (only in case of emergency)

Bondi Beach Lifeguards: 9083 8888
Bronte Beach Lifeguards: 9083 8889
Tamarama Beach Lifeguards: 9083 8887

For all media queries, call 0416 075 532 or email media@waverley.nsw.gov.au


The volunteer lifesavers wear red and yellow uniforms and assist the lifeguards on the beach at weekends and on public holidays during the summer period. There are four surf life saving clubs at Council’s three beaches: Bronte Surf Life Saving Club, Tamarama Surf Life Saving Club, and two at Bondi Beach - the Bondi Surf Bathers' Life Saving Club and the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club. These clubs were founded in the early 1900's.

Further information contact

Lifeguard Co-ordinator: 9083 8415
Bondi Lifeguards: 9083 8888

Need more information?


Lifeguard Co-ordinator 9083 8415

Bondi Lifeguards 9083 8888


Beach Wheelchairs booking

Phone: 9083 8888
Email: bondipav@waverley.nsw.gov.au