Saving energy at home

climateEnergy prices are rising, but it can be cheap and easy to reduce your power use in your house or unit and save money on your electricity bills.

10 easy ways to cut your energy costs:

  1. Switch off lights in rooms when not being used - you can save $120 a year!
  2. Replace your lights with energy efficient compact fluorescent light globes or LEDs. These are available at hardware stores, supermarkets and specialty eco-product stores.
  3. Switch appliances off at the wall to save standby power (up to 11% of an average electricity bill).
  4. Only use a clothes dryer if necessary – Dryers are big energy consumers, so use the clothesline if you have one.
  5. Wash your clothes in cold water - It's just as good as a warm wash and you can save about $35 each year off your power bill
  6. Get rid of your second fridge – for cash!
  7. Don't overheat. Keep rooms at a comfortable 18-21°C in winter. Every 1 degree increase in temperature can increase the heating component of your power bill by up to 10 per cent.
  8. Shade your windows to keep cool - About half of unwanted heat comes through exposed windows.
  9. Choose energy efficient electrical and whitegood appliances - use the Energy Rating label to guide you.
  10. Select an energy efficient hot water heater such as solar hot water, gas or heat pump. Water heating can account for up to 1/3 of your household energy bill.

Greenhouse gas emission from home graph

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