Energy saving intiatives

climateAt Waverley, we constantly seek ways to reduce our electricity use across Council sites and operations, and wider community. This aligns with our goals to cut carbon emissions and reduce costs to Council and the community.

Energy efficiency upgrades at Council sites

We have recently completed over 50 energy saving retrofit projects across 10 of our largest sites from the coast to Bondi Junction. Projects included:

  • energy efficient lighting upgrades (indoor and outdoor)
  • lighting sensors and timers
  • hot water boiler timers
  • appliance timers and monitoring systems
  • improvements in heating, ventilation and air conditioning efficiencies

Sites: Bondi Pavilion, Customer Service Centre, Waverley Library, Bondi Park, Bronte Park, Mill Hill Centre, Council Chambers, Eastgate and Hollywood Carparks, as well as Biddigal Reserve.

We also put in a 'cool' new energy efficient air conditioning chiller at Waverley Library.

Collectively, these projects will:

  • Cut our electricity use by more than 1000 MWh electricity annually
  • Save close to $200,000 on annual electricity bills
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 1000 tonnes each year
  • Reduce Council's carbon footprint by 15% - a major step towards achieving our environmental target of 30% greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2020

Public place and street lighting

Around 1/3 of Waverley Council’s electricity consumption is from streetlighting, which is owned by Ausgrid the distribution network provider.

In 2017 we partnered with Ausgrid to upgrade street lights with more energy-efficient lighting. A total of 760 residential lights were replaced with new LED lighting. This is the first time this has happened within the Ausgrid regional boundaries. This initative will see us saving $52,000/year, with a whopping 200 tonnes of CO2 saved per year. This is the equivalent of taking 67 cards off the road each year.

We will continue to work with Ausgrid and the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) Street Lighting Improvement Program to improve the energy efficiency of Ausgrid owned street lighting in Waverley.

Council is also currently assessing energy saving solutions for lighting in our parks, malls and sporting fields.

Efficient hot water systems

We plan to upgrade inefficient electric hot water systems at key sites with heat pump alternatives. These systems reduce energy costs of heating water by up to two-thirds.

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