Plastic free businesses

Since 2016, we’ve been working to tackle the litter issue on our beaches and in our neighbourhoods by working with local businesses through our “Bondi Unwrapped” and “Unwrapping our Futures” programs. We’ve been helping food outlets near our beaches to take steps in reducing excess packaging towards becoming plastic free. This has been in collaboration with active community groups in the local area.


Takeaway packaging items made from single-use plastic are the most commonly found litter items on our beaches, in our local parks, streets and transport hubs. Think plastic straws, styrofoam containers, plastic bottles and more. These single-use plastics find their way into our waterways, causing harm to marine life and human health.

How are we trying to make change happen?

With funding from the NSW EPA, Council has been able to conduct business waste and packaging audits, and invite businesses to forums to knowledge share. This has helped Council gain a better understanding of where our businesses are at in their sustainable packaging journey, what the barriers to change may be, and what role Council can play to assist with making a switch to more sustainable packaging.

Funding has also supported local community groups and volunteers to engage with businesses to provide free educational resources such as Procurement Guides, Staff Training Guides and promotional posters to assist businesses in becoming plastic-free, and to share their journey with their customers.

Want to learn more?

As a business, you can get free assistance and resources to help your businesses start its plastic-free journey:

Additional resources for businesses:

For more information on the Bondi Unwrapped program and how we’ve been working with businesses, check out our video below.

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