Solar My School

Powering our local schools with sunshine

Lots of local schools want solar power but don’t know where to start. Solar my School is a program to help local schools navigate a path to solar success. 

Run as an Eastern Suburbs initiative, Solar my School helps schools and preschools choose the right solar system, set them up with a reliable installer, and provides materials to teach students about the benefits of solar.

That way the schools, with the help of their community, can to get solar connected, solar smart and fast-track the journey to cheap, green energy.

Why Solar my School?

Schools are ideal for solar because they use energy during the day when the sun is pumping out its energy-generating rays. When you can use the power at the time it’s created then it’s free!

Switching to solar energy helps reduce our environmental impact, and also helps schools to cut energy expenses and funnel the savings to other programs.

These electricity bill savings mean schools have more money to spend on exciting stuff like gardens, computers, sports equipment and excursions.

Solar my School can help with:

  • A free independent solar assessment (valued at $1,000) to recommend the best size and location for solar panels.
  • Estimates on how much the system will cost, financial incentives and the amount of energy and money your school can save.
  • Deciding on the best way to pay for the solar through outright purchase, loans, Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) or fundraising. We will explain these financing options to you and your P&C.
  • Technical and contractual assistance to select a quality system and a trusted supplier.
  • Educational materials for students.
  • Promoting your school’s solar project to your school community and more widely.

Want your local school to get involved?

Sign up for Solar my School by emailing Anthony Weinberg, Regional Environment Coordinator: We’ll be in contact to guide your local school through the steps to solar success.