Preparing your Development Application

Before you can make changes to a building or occupy premises in the local area you may need to lodge a Development Application (DA). A DA can only be approved by a local council (or, for very large, State-significant development proposals, the State Government), and it is assessed in accordance with the development standards established by Council.

These development standards include “merit” considerations, which means that when the application is being assessed, a building that does not exactly fit the development standards can still be approved “on its merits”. Wherever a building does not meet either the exempt or complying development rules, then a Development Application will need to be lodged.

Development Application Form and Checklist
This form and checklist are required to be completed and submitted for all applications.

The Waverley Development Application Guide and the following list of documents provide a summary of the documents you need to submit as part of your Development Application.

The following list of documents provides a summary of the documents you need to submit as part of your Development Application.

  • Site Waste & Recycling Management Plan This plan must be submitted with your DA to demonstrate to Council that the requirements for waste and recycling storage and management have been adequately addressed. It will ensure that during future use of the property waste and recycling can be collected in an efficient and safe manner and occupants can recycle as much as possible. For large developments comprising more than 20 units or mixed use premises a comprehensive SWRMP prepared by a suitably qualified consultant may be submitted instead of the SWRMP forms.
  • Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statement
    This statement may be required when lodging a DA or making a submission on a DA.
  • 3D Digital Models
    This checklist will help you if you are required to submit a 3D digital model as part of your Development Application (DA). Visit our 3D Modelling webpage for more information.
  • Digital file requirements

Other information that may assist you in preparing your application is:

Development Application package

Council’s Development Application package provides all the necessary information you need to lodge a DA. It also provides general information regarding the overall process of assessing an application.

You can collect your DA package either in person at Council’s Customer Service Counter, or by contacting Council on 9083 8000 and requesting one be posted to you. Alternatively, you can download the various forms and supporting information below:

Need planning advice?

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Electronic lodgement guidelines:

Waverley Council requires electronic lodgement of all plans and supporting documentation in digital form (as PDF documents contained on a CD, USB or similar device).

Download the Info Sheet to find out more.