Public Domain / Construction Activity Application

If you need to use any technical equipment or storage on Council or public land, you should first check if you need approval.

  • Crane Permit
    You should apply for a permit if you will need to stand a mobile crane, concrete boom pump/concrete line pump, scissor/boom lift, cherry picker or other related equipment on a public roadway.
  • Driveways and Vehicular Crossing Works on Council Land
    This application is for permission to construct a vehicle crossing and associated works by private contractors on Council land. This is NOT an application to build a garage, carport or parking space on private property.
  • Occupy a Public Road or Footway
    This application form must be used when applying to occupy a public road for construction and other activities.  It includes concrete pours.

For more information regarding any of these applications, please contact Council's Customer Service Team who can direct you to the correct department on 9083 8000.