Community Profile

Who are We? - Waverley’s Dynamic Community

Lots of people from all over the world call Waverley home.

Since 2016, our community has grown from around 72,000 to of 74,280, with annual growth decreasing to under 1% over the last three years. Australia is now seeing a decline in birth rates and reduced overseas migration associated with the impacts of the Pandemic. It’s a bit too early to tell how Waverley is being affected.

Look out for any updates from the 2021 census (expected mid next year). We think the Waverley community has changed a fair bit since the 2016 census and in response to Covid-19 impacts. In the 10 years to 2016, more babies were being born and a greater number of residents were growing into their seniors’ years. Families with young children have different needs compared to empty nesters who are preparing for healthy and active retirement living. We monitor these population changes and community trends. This helps us plan, develop and coordinate services to meet the demands and expectations of our residents, visitors and workers in quickly changing environments.