Waverley Council continues to support beach volleyball

24 June 2021 | Media Release

24 June 2021

Waverley Council this week voted unanimously to continue to support beach volleyball at Tamarama and Bondi beaches including increasing the number of courts available at Bondi from three courts to four.

It comes after the Council held a community consultation from March to May this year to understand any issues with how beach volleyball is operating at Bondi and Tamarama beaches and to raise awareness of the current rules of play, including the number and alignment of courts and whether they are sufficient or need to change.

The consultation report found that 93.9% of people support beach volleyball at Tamarama (which has four courts) and 94.7% support beach volleyball at Bondi. Respondents further felt that the sport of volleyball, in a non-competitive structure, has a legitimate place on the beach.

This week's decision is as follows:

That Council:

  1. Continues to support beach volleyball at Tamarama and Bondi Beaches based on the revised rules of play outlined in the report.
  2. Increases the number of courts permitted at Bondi Beach from three to four.
  3. Ensures that the layout and rules of play are prominently displayed at each beach within close proximity of the volleyball courts for reference and enforcement purposes
  4. Officers enforce the layout and rules of play through regular visits to Tamarama and Bondi beaches and prompt response to issues raised by the community.
  5. Officers use their discretion to ensure fair, balanced and safe beach use for all beach users by limiting the number of courts permitted below that approved and other relevant actions, especially during the summer months, at weekends and public holidays, and at high tide

Mayor of Waverley said Waverley’s public open spaces including its beaches provide a valuable space for our community to play, relax and undertake physical activity, as outlined in the Council’s Open Space and Recreation Strategy adopted in 2020.

“Non-competitive beach volleyball is a good example of a sport where groups and friends meet and can play a game of volleyball at their convenience without a structured competition and the need to join a club,” Mayor Masselos said.

“Beach volleyball has been a part of Waverley’s beach culture for some years, largely starting with the Olympic Games in the year 2000 which saw beach volleyball competitions played on Bondi Beach.

“Council never said that it was considering banning volleyball, nor had it speculated on the potential outcomes of the consultation.

“Council last reviewed its rules of play for beach volleyball in 2012, so we were keen to hear if people thought that the rules of play for volleyball at our beaches was adequate, if players were complying with the rules and if the number and location of beach volleyball courts was sufficient or if it needed to change.”


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