Objects Found

All history is local! Objects Found encourages Waverley’s community to discover the connections to our history and heritage. We asked Waverley Council staff what connects them to Waverley and from art to industry, a number of objects were found. Read more about these connections below.

Local histories help shape who you are - share your objects found and share your story. Keep an eye out in early 2019 to see how you can get involved!

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Kim Cooper, Executive Assistant

Family photo album
I found this photo album in a deceased estate that we had just purchased in Gipps St, Bronte in 1992! My family and I were renovating this house when we discovered the album. We had attempted to contact family members through the Estate agent to no avail!

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Lawrie Williams, Services Coordinator

Bondi Brick
I met Mairead Dunbar and her husband during one of my history tours who found Bondi bricks when they were renovating their home at on Glen St Bondi.  Bondi bricks were made of sand and lime and fired in the brickworks kiln located near Seven Ways at North Bondi.

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Jo Harney, Community Development Officer

Metal sun dial
This object was on my desk from when I started working at Waverley Council in 2009. The project had just been underway and this was an example piece from the public art officer and multicultural worker.

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Ingrid Grace, Local History Research and Engagement Officer

Taps from the Turkish Bath that was at the Bondi Pavilion
The makers of the taps are unknown but they were installed in the Bondi Pavilion for use in the Turkish Baths 1928 – 1929 – mid 1930s. They were kept by the builder who dismantled the Turkish Baths in approximately the mid - 1930s.


Fleur Mellor, A/Manager Urban Design & Heritage

1960s glass bottle
This bottle was found underneath our building, an Inter-War building built in 1934.  We were surprised that it was still in one piece and imagined that it was discarded by someone carrying out work on the building.

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