Building waste

Residents wishing to use the services of a company to provide a Building Waste Container must contact one of these companies.

Building Waste Container companies must be registered with Council to operate in the Waverley LGA and must comply with certain conditions, such as Council's policy and RMS guidelines. Companies found to be operating in our area without consent, may be fined. Registered companies

Below is the list of companies currently registered with Waverley Council, and their contact phone numbers.

Company name

Telephone number

5 Star Rubbish Removal  0418 271 800 
Action Bins 9388 7888
Aussie Skips 9712 5356
Bingo Bins Pty Ltd  9737 0308 
Brown Bros. Skip Bins 9918 2483
Budget Waste Control 9672 1555
Cheap & Quick Waste Bins Pty Ltd 9755 2888
Dats Skip Bins 1300 654 334
Dial-a-Dump 9519 9999
Dumpers Handybin 1800 451 755
Eco Skips 0402 111 008
Empire Skip Bins 9311 4745
Freddy's Skip Bins Pty Ltd 0410 455 633
GPP Skip Bins 9642 7200
Has-a Bin 9642 1477
Just Skip Bins Pty Ltd 1800 626 388
M Waste Pty Ltd  0448 010 101
Orange Bins 1300 767 006
Phillips Skip Bins Pty Ltd 9760 5999
Purple Cow Industries   1300 131 918
Standby Waste Pty Ltd 9661 1000
Sydney Skip 0415 868 741
Wasteline Waste Management 0409 420 490
9344 0929

Conditions of Consent

  • Containers will be positioned in conformity with the "Interim Guidelines for the Placement of Building Waste Containers" as prepared by the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW
    • Location Criteria
    • Rear marking plates and reflectors
    • Flashing yellow lights
    • Colour of container.
  • Suppliers are to agree in writing to indemnify Council against any public liability claim arising from the placement of containers on Councils roadways and such insurance cover to indemnify Waverley Council for a minimum amount of $20,000,000. This policy is to be in effect at all times the waste containers are in a public place.
  • Containers shall bear the name and telephone number of the supplier.
  • Suppliers are to be responsible for any incidents or damage resulting from poor placement of containers or spilt debris.
  • Suppliers agree that the site where containers are being placed will be left in a clean and tidy condition with all spillage removed from the area.
Need planning advice?

Contact Council's Duty Planner:

  • Phone 9083 8484
  • Visit in person at our Customer Service Centre, 55 Spring Street, Bondi Junction
  • Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 1pm and 2pm - 4pm