Heritage & design

Our heritage buildings and landmarks are important reminders of the past and a source of pride for our community. Many of our treasured buildings, monuments, Aboriginal places, gardens, archaeological sites, streets and conservation areas need to be protected and conserved for the enjoyment of future generations.

If you are an owner of a heritage listed property or need more information on Waverley's heritage, we offer a range of information and services.

We have information on heritage listed properties highlighting what is significant about the item and what should be retained or protected when doing a renovation or extension. Have a look through the NSW Heritage Online Database, Waverley Heritage Policy 2007 and Bondi Junction Heritage Assessment 2004 for further information.

Please note that more detailed heritage inventory sheets are currently being prepared for certain heritage items and conservation areas. If you cannot find a heritage inventory sheet for your property or a conservation area, please contact Lisa Sturis, Strategic Planner (Heritage) on 9083 8325 or lisa.sturis@waverley.nsw.gov.au

Frequently asked questions

You can find answers to some frequently asked questions below.

Is my property heritage listed?

All heritage items and heritage conservation areas are listed in our Local Environmental Plan (LEP). You may find your property listed in Schedule 5 of the Waverley LEP 2012.

What does heritage listing mean for me?

If you are unsure about the impacts of heritage listing, you may find some answers in 'Heritage Listing Explained - What it means for you' published by the Heritage Council of NSW.

What if I only want to do minor work to my property?

You may request a Heritage Exemption Certificate for certain work.

Thinking of renovating your property?

Want to build a first floor addition? Need help designing your renovations? We offer a free heritage advisory service to assist owners of properties that are heritage listed or located in heritage conservation areas. To book a time with our Heritage Architect, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 9083 8000.

Are heritage grants & funding available?

The Office of Environment & Heritage has a number of Heritage Grants available to owners of heritage listed properties.

How is Council promoting our heritage?

We award outstanding heritage conservation and design through previously offering Waverley Heritage and Design Awards.

What other information is available?

The Heritage Branch of NSW has a range of publications, guides and fact sheets available to assist you.

Need planning advice?

Contact Council's Duty Planner:

  • Phone 9083 8484
  • Visit in person at our Customer Service Centre, 55 Spring Street, Bondi Junction
  • Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 1pm and 2pm - 4pm