Water views: Heidi Hereth

Date: 18th Oct 2024 - 13th Nov 2024 Time: 9:30am - 9pm Location:

Waverley Library Gallery


Monday–Friday, 9.30am–9pm
Saturday, 9.30am–3pm

Exhibition opening Thursday October 24, 6pm

Water Views is an exhibition of aquatic landscape views by local artist Heidi Hereth. It recounts the places the artist has visited, painted and loved, as well as swum in. In the words of the artist:

“I feel that the love of water is shared by many people, and many agree that just looking at water - or an image thereof, engenders a feeling of peace and calm”. 

Heidi is a master of the challenges that water presents for a painter - capturing transparency, reflections, sparkle and motion. In her exhibition, she hopes to evoke feelings of peace and joy for the viewer.

Free, bookings via eventbrite