Waverley Design Excellence Advisory Panel

The Waverley Design Excellence Advisory Panel undertakes reviews of development applications (DA’s) and Pre- DA’s and provide advice to Council staff and the determining authority (Waverley Local Planning Panel or Sydney Planning Panel) for a wide variety of development such as:

  • Residential flat buildings, shop top housing and mixed use developments with a residential accommodation component as defined under SEPP 65 (Design Quality of Residential Apartment Development)
  • Development which requires assessment under Clause 6.9 (Design Excellence) and Clause 6.10 Design excellence on certain land in Bondi Junction of the Waverley Local Environmental Plan 2012.
  • All buildings within the B3 and B4 zones
  • Any new building over 12m
  • Any residential buildings, mixed use developments, commercial and retail buildings and institutional buildings that are considered significant by Council

The Panel may also be asked to review proposed changes to Local Environmental Plans, Development Control Plans (DCP’s), site specific DCP’s, master plans for large or major sites and planning proposals

The Panel consists up to 4 members and meets monthly at the Waverley Council Chambers.

If your proposal is required to be reviewed by the Design Excellence Advisory Panel, then 4 additional hard copies of the plans must be provided and a referral fee to be paid at the time of DA lodgement.