Post Determination Applications

You can find out the determination of a Development Application using Council’s Development Application Tracking tool.

Conditions of consent

If your application was approved, it would be subject to conditions of consent which must be satisfied. These are outlined in the Notice of Determination. For more information on how to satisfy the conditions of consent, click here.

If your application involves any building or subdivision works, you will need to obtain a Construction Certificate prior to commencing work.

Modification of consent

If you want to make modifications to works approved under a development consent OR are dissatisfied with a condition of the consent, you may apply to Council under Section 4.55 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 to modify the approved plans or have a condition removed or varied.

You are required to submit a Section 4.55 - Modification Application Form and lodge the modification application with all new documentation, as stipulated in the Development Application Guide. Your application must demonstrate how the development to which the consent as modified relates is substantially the same development as the development for which the consent was originally granted.

Review a determination

If your Development Application or Modification application was refused, the reasons will be outlined in the Notice of Determination.

If you would like Council to review the decision (the refusal of the application), you can submit an application for review under Section 8.2 if the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.  You need to give reasons or supply additional information that supports your application.

This application MUST be made within 8 weeks of the determination date of the development consent to ensure that it can be assessed within the statutory timeframe.

If you are seeking a review of the refusal of a Section 4.55 application, then your application for a review MUST be made within 28 days of the determination date of that decision.

In either scenario you are required to complete a Review of a Determination Application Form. Your application for review must be submitted with all new documentation that is  required under the Development Application Guide.

Planning Register

Clause 4.6 of the Waverley Local Environmental Plan 2012 provides flexibility in the application of development standards (planning controls) such as height, floor space ratio and subdivision.

The Director General of the Department of Planning and Environment has granted assumed concurrence under clause 4.6(4) of the Standard Instrument to the variations contained in the register.

Electronic Lodgement Guidelines

Waverley Council requires electronic lodgement of all plans and supporting documentation for all Planning and Building applications in digital form (as PDF documents contained on a CD, USB or similar device). The documents must be submitted in a particular format which is outlined in Council's Electronic Lodgement Guidelines.

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