Major DAs on Notification

This page lists Major Development Application proposals which are being publicly advertised for community feedback and provides a brief overview of the proposal.

To view the full details of the proposal, including full plans and supporting documents, please enter the DA reference number on the DA tracker.

All other applications currently being notified to adjoining affected properties can be found via the DA tracker.

DA-400/2021 - 194-214 Oxford Street and 2 Nelson Street, Bondi Junction

The development application (DA) known as DA-400/2021, seeks development consent to redevelop the site known as 194-214 Oxford Street and 2 Nelson Street, Bondi Junction.

The proposed development comprises the following:

  • Seventy-three (73) residential apartments over 10 floors across two tower buildings, known as the ‘Oxford Street Tower’ and ‘Nelson Street Tower’
  • Ground floor retail uses, totaling an internal area of 585m2
  • Three levels of basement parking under the Oxford Street tower and four levels of basement parking under the Nelson Street tower with vehicular access provided from Osmund Lane
  • The total number of car parking spaces is 86 with the following breakdown:
    • 64 resident spaces;
    • 9 visitor spaces;
    • 10 retail spaces;
    • 2 electric vehicle spaces; and
    • 1 car share space.
  • The total number of bicycle parking spaces is 108
  • The total number of motorcycle parking spaces is 12
  • A public plaza on the eastern and southern boundary of the Nelson Street tower
  • A through-site link adjacent to the eastern boundary of the Oxford Street tower
The Height and Floor Space Ratio of the proposal

There are two main developments standards in Waverley LEP relevant to the DA – Height of Buildings and Floor Space Ratio.

The Application states that the development will have the following:

  • An overall building height of 38.95m

Comment: The maximum height allowable under Waverley LEP for this site is 36m.

  • An overall Floor Space Ratio (FSR) of 3.5:1.

Comment: The maximum FSR allowable under Waverley LEP is 3.5:1

Development standards are specific controls that can only be varied via the applicant providing a written request that meets the criteria under clause 4.6 of Waverley LEP.

Note: These are calculations submitted by the applicant and have not been checked or verified at this stage by Council’s DA assessment staff.

DA Notification

The DA is on public notification from 6 October 2021 to 10 November 2021* and has included:

  • Notification letters sent to the owners and occupants of properties adjoining the site and nearby
  • Site notices
  • Local newspaper notice
  • Precinct notification

* Council often receives requests to extend the DA notification period, however the notification for all DA’s is subject to the time periods specified in Council’s Community Participation Plan. Notwithstanding this, submissions received after the specified period may still be considered provided the assessment of the application by the Council’s planning staff has not concluded.

If you wish to make a submission in relation to the proposal please email

Please refer to the following information on how to make a DA submission.

DA assessment and determination

The DA will be assessed by senior planning staff and an assessment report prepared for the determination body. Click here for more information on the general DA assessment process.

The determination body for this application will be the Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel.