Beautifying our villages

Monday 22 November

Waverley Council is installing planter boxes at various locations across the LGA as part of a village beautification initiative.

Installation will begin on Wednesday 24 November at the following locations:

* Bronte Beach Village

* Campbell Parade at North Bondi Bus Terminus

* Grafton Street (Adelaide Street to Newland Street)

* Macpherson Street at Lugar Street

* Macpherson Street at St Thomas Street

* Murriverie Road at Mitchell Street

* Old South Head Road (Strickland Street to Onslow Street)

* Old South Head Road at Oceanview Avenue

The proposed locations have been deliberately chosen to allow officers to test plant palettes and operational management of the planters on a smaller scale, before reviewing potential expansion to other areas in the LGA.

A spokesperson for the Council said plant selection has been informed by the Species List in Waverley Council’s Public Domain Technical Manual, which considers the qualities of the place, its history, uses, the needs of the community and the natural environment.

“The planters selected have also been tested in road and footpath environments for performance, safety, and longevity and do not conflict with heritage design, nor do they attempt to be pseudo-heritage in nature,” the spokesperson said.