Waverley Council Statement on managing COVID-19 restrictions

23 July 2021 | Media Release

Waverley Council refutes suggestions it has failed to implement strong measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

Council continues to work with NSW Police and NSW Health to assist the Government in enforcing the Public Health Orders. We have done this through additional signage, communicating with the community through multiple channels including mail and social media, and our we have deployed additional rangers at our beaches to support the Police efforts to enforce the restrictions.

With over 70 active cases of the virus in the LGA, Council takes seriously its responsibilities in managing the implementation of Public Health Orders.

Mobility has reduced dramatically in Waverley, and Council has been working in concert with Police, Transport for NSW and Health NSW since the start of the pandemic.

Mayor of Waverley Paula Masselos said “we will continue to keep our public spaces open and support Public Health Orders".

“We remain in contact with NSW Police and NSW Health to ensure our response to the pandemic is appropriate and this morning I spoke with Minister Hazzard who confirmed that we are following the public health orders. Ensuring people’s mental health is a prime concern and priority during this difficult time," Mayor Masselos said.

“The people of Waverley are like the rest of Sydney. They are overwhelmingly doing the right thing.

“I see our community abiding by the Public Health Orders by staying at home, social distancing, wearing masks indoors, and they continue to get tested.

“We know that COVID does not discriminate by postcode. The Waverley community and every other community across Sydney wants to exit lockdown as quickly as possible, and I would like to thank our residents, particularly the thousands living in apartments with no outdoor space, for keeping to the rules.

“With 76,000 residents living in 9 square kilometres, people are taking their exercise as per the public health orders, in pairs, on beaches, promenades and in our parks.  Closing any of these amenities will force people into even more densely used outdoor spaces."