Outdoor dining policy

28 October 2021 | News

28 October 2021

Waverley Council has unanimously voted to outline a policy for outdoor dining as local businesses begin their recovery after lockdown.

At this week’s Council meeting, Council unanimously resolved:

That Council:

  1. Notes:
    1. The NSW State government’s temporary measures to support al fresco dining
    2. Initiatives by the City of Sydney, Inner West and Woollahra Councils to provide al fresco dining activities.
    3. Understands there is confusion in the business sector about the process to gain Council approval for al fresco dining activities
    4. Officers prepare a report for submission to the next Council meeting which:
      1. Outlines a policy for al fresco dining, drawing upon initiatives from other Sydney councils
      2. Clarifies the process for business to apply to Council for such approvals.

A spokesperson for the Council said outdoor dining and entertainment was a great way to activate Waverley’s streetscapes with the easing of some COVID restrictions.

“Waverley is home to some of Sydney’s best neighbourhood cafes and sought-after restaurants and we want to continue to support our thriving local community,” the spokesperson said.

“Council officers are also in the process of preparing an expression of interest submission to the NSW Government’s Streets as Shared Spaces grant program for the Council to trial initiatives that strengthen the amenity, accessibility and economic vitality of our shopping and dining precincts.

“The Council continues to work closely with the Bondi & District Chamber of Commerce on a range of activities to promote buying local wherever possible, including our upcoming Christmas window display competition.”


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