Discover your local community with ‘Discover Waverley’

15 November 2021 | News

Waverley Council has upgraded its new interactive online mapping tool, called ‘Discover Waverley’, to provide residents with 24/7 improved access to information about a range of local community information and services.

Discover Waverley allows residents to search for and access an array of spatial information, including property and land details, land zoning classification, capital works projects, flood liable land, waste collection days, administrative boundaries and more.

One of the many benefits of this tool is it’s self-service ability. It offers functionality like “find my nearest”, integrates with Google Streetview, and can analyse spatial data and produce custom maps for their own purposes.  It’s also mobile and tablet compatible, allowing residents to use the tool, on the go.

Some of the map themes available to view include:

  • Capital Works Map - View locations of Council’s capital works projects for 2021-2022, as well as timing of works and contact information.
  • Council Wards & Precincts Map -  This interactive page will help you locate your ward. You can view its boundaries and discover ways to get in touch with your council member.
  • Environment Map - View vegetation cover, heat island effect, biodiversity corridors and bushcare locations
  • Planning Map - View local planning controls such as zoning, heritage, flood, etc relating to your property from Council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP)
  • Public Map - General information about local services including location of community centres, venue hire, public WIFI, childcare centres, schools, toilets, buildings, parking and dog parks for example
  • Transport & Parking – View parking areas, local bus stops, popular walking path and cycleways

Discover Waverley also has the potential for additional spatial layers to be included over time and will continue to evolve according to community needs. Requests for additional information to be added to the platform can be made to

Discover Waverley today at