Waverley Council awards the local community through a number of recognised programs which are highlighted below. They are designed to encourage and foster community-based services, and to contribute to the vibrant cultural and community life in area.


Waverley Local Hero Awards

Waverley Local Hero of the Year awards acknowledges those who have made an outstanding contribution to the Waverley community.


Waverley Garden Awards

Civic Pride Garden Awards program recognises beautiful and sustainable gardening in Waverley.


Waverley Design Awards

The Waverley Design Awards recognise and celebrates outstanding contributions to our local area through excellent conservation and design.


Brightest & Best Business Awards

The Brightest and Best Business Awards recognise, promote and reward the contribution of local Businesses in Waverley.


Best Of The Best Awards

Awarded every four years the Best of the Best recognises lifelong contributions to the Waverley community.