Waverley Cliff Walk

Natural Heritage
Hawkesbury sandstone cliffs up to 80 metres high at Raleigh Reserve - geological history from the Triassic period, 20 million years ago.

Native Bush
Patches of significant remnant vegetation. Hanging swamp at Diamond Bay Reserve south side, supporting Isolepis, Lomandra and Typha. Coastal heath at Eastern Reserve with Westringia and Banksia. For more information about Waverley's native vegetation, visit our Bushcare pages.

Bush Regeneration
Some of the few remaining local areas of native bush are found here. Regeneration is being done by volunteers under Waverley Council guidance, partly with National Heritage Trust funding. For information call (02) 9386 7915 , email us or visit our Bushcarepages.

Remnant vegetation and sandstone overhangs provide habitat for small reptiles. Geckos, water skinks and delicate skinks at Diamond Bay Reserve. Snake-eyed skins, water skinks, grass skinks and delicate skinks at Eastern Reserve.

Scientific Research
Remains to the base of instruments mounted by the CSIRO for astronomical observations, in the 1950s, in Rodney Reserve. A plaque commemorates this era.

Distance and Duration
The walk is 3 kilometres long. It will take you about 2 hours. Don't forget to take a hat, wear comfortable shoes and use sunscreen!

Sun Protection
Although the parks along the way offer shade and shelter, the Walk itself is exposed to the elements. Don’t forget your hat, sunscreen and some water.

Federation Project
In 1999 Waverley Council was successful in gaining a grant of $55,000 from the Commonwealth Government's Federation Community Projects Program, for a cliffwalk project marking Australia's Centenary of Federation.

With additional funding from Council and the Metropolitan Greenspace Program, Stage One of the project has been constructed in 2002. More work will be done as funds become available.
By linking existing undeveloped coastal reserves in Dover Heights and Vaucluse, Council aims to create a walking route which provides more enjoyment and better value for local residents than the individual open space areas.

Extensive community consultation has established priorities for staging work. We also received many comments about retaining the natural beauty of the coastline, by minimal intervention, where possible.

Location: Extends from Raleigh Reserve, Dover Heights, to Clarke Reserve, Vaucluse

North from Oceanview AveDiamond Bay NorthBoardwalk & cliffNear Lancaster Rd