Environment safety - Help protect our coast


In February 2020, community members presented Council with a change.org petition calling for Mackenzies Bay (south of Marks Park and north of Tamarama Beach) to be made into an official off-leash dog area.

Following many debates, community consultation and investigation into a number of other important factors such as the significant safety issues, site constraints and environmental impacts, Council adopted a report in late December stating that dogs should remain prohibited at Mackenzies Bay and that this prohibition should be enforced.

Help protect our coast

Mackenzies Bay is located within the NSW Department of Primary Industries Intertidal Protected Area (IPA) that extends from Bondi Icebergs to Tamarama Beach.

The Bondi IPA is one of 14 areas established in 1993 to protect important intertidal communities’ biodiversity and environments (both intertidal and marine).

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[Image: Vegetation and wildlife like the Superb Fairy-wrens, at Mackenzie's Bay.]

Find out about Council's ambitious restoration plans outlined in the Biodiversity Action Plan

To protect the biodiversity of this area, dogs have been prohibited in Mackenzies Bay for a number of years. In addition to the all the creatures found in the water and on the shoreline, the coast provides habitat for animals such as small birds and basking areas for lizards. These animals can only survive if they feel safe. Although well-meaning, dogs behaviour is disruptive as they chase birds, dig and trample vegetation and uncollected dog faeces continue to have negative impacts on the environment.

Help us preserve and protect our beautiful corner of the world by taking your dog to one of Waverley’s dog off-leash sites. Find out where you can take your dog off-leash here.

Next steps

Council Rangers will be out and about from March 2021 reminding the community that dogs are prohibited at Mackenzies Bay.

Following this education and warning period, enforcement will be enhanced from April 2021. Failing to comply can result in a fine up to $550.