Ash memorials

We offer a range of in-ground ash burial options at Waverley Cemetery designed to maintain the historic significance of the cemetery and its Victorian marble and sandstone architecture. Ash sites are currently available as either single or double interments and we will provide exclusive family ash gardens in the near future.

The Duff Memorial Garden

The Duff Memorial Garden sits adjacent to the imposing memorial to former NSW Governor Sir Robert Duff. The garden faces the ocean and is largely oriented to the northeast, capturing the early morning sun.

Each site caters for two interments and includes a Carrera marble plinth. The garden is attractively laid out with pebbles and a handsome purple-flowering Camphor Laurel tree.

Banksia Memorial Walk

The Banksia Memorial Walk is one of Waverley Cemetery’s newest ash gardens. It is located close to the main entrance gates to Waverley Cemetery providing easy access. Each site caters for up to two interments and includes a sandstone plinth.

Scatter Ash Garden

The Scatter Ash Garden is located close to Circular Mound and is the most affordable option for interment in Waverley Cemetery, with the ashes of your loved one scattered in the garden.

Ivy Leaf Memorial Wall

A memorial only option is available at Waverley Cemetery for those who wish to commemorate a loved one whose final resting place may be located elsewhere. Memorial options include an ivy leaf with an inscription mounted on the sandstone wall for you to visit and remember your loved one.