Application forms

Application forms for all of the services provided by Waverley Cemeteries are available below.

For ease of use, they are supplied in pdf format and can be edited online. To submit an application:

  • Fill in the pdf online
  • Download the form and save it to your device
  • Email the form to us along with any relevant supporting documentation
  Application for Interment
This application form should be completed when an interment rights holder wishes to inter the remains of a deceased person either in a coffin or ash burial. This form is generally filled out on behalf of the interment rights holder by a Funeral Director assisting the family.
Application to Renew a Renewable Interment Right
This application form should be completed by a rights holder that seeks to renew a renewable interment right. A renewable interment right expires if it is not renewed before the end of, either the initial term (between 25 and 99 years) or any renewal period. Upon payment of the relevant fee, a renewable interment right can be renewed for a period of at least five years up to a maximum of 99 years.
  Purchase of a renewable interment right
This form is used when you have decided to purchase a renewable interment right.  A renewable interment right gives you the exclusive right to authorise burials in the site you have purchased.  A renewable interment right can be purchased for the purpose of ash-only or ash and burial interment sites.
Hereditary transfer of an interment right
The application form for hereditary transfer of an interment right should be completed when the original rights holder is deceased. Hereditary transfer may occur in two situations – either as the beneficiary of the estate or where appropriate proof of relationship to the deceased is provided. Appropriate supporting documentation must be submitted with your application.
  Transfer of an Interment Right
This application form should be completed when the holder of an interment right wishes to transfer the interment right to another person or persons. The current registered rights holder must be provide proof of their identity as shown on the interment right certificate.

Application for Grave Care Maintenance
This form should be completed to request one of the additional care and maintenance services offered by Waverley Cemeteries, including annual maintenance plans, one off requests for maintenance, grave washing, cleaning and one-off planting and re-turfing of individual sites.

Request to perform monument works
This form is used when an interment rights holder wishes to engage a monumental mason to undertake new works or maintain / repair existing monuments at their interment site.  The rights holder engages directly with the monumental mason who submits this form to the cemetery on their behalf.
Click here to see a list of monumental masons who may be able to assist interment rights holders.
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Adding an Additional Rights Holder to an interment right
This application form should be submitted by the current registered interment rights holder who wishes to add an additional person as a rights holder to an interment right. The form must be signed by both parties.

  Fees & charges
Here you’ll find a full list of our fees and charges for coffin and casket services; ash interment sites and services; memorial plinths and plaques; monumental masonry and allotment maintenance.