Sustainable Water Programs

Managing Waverley’s water resources will be increasingly challenged by population growth and unpredictable impacts of climate change, such as extended droughts and floods. Securing clean and sustainable water sources will help conserve water, protect our waterways and support recreation, cooling and greening in Waverley.

Council will optimise our use of recycled water in amenities and ensure water sensitive streets with raingardens and other interventions to improve water quality. We will continue to support the community to manage and conserve water through education, planning controls and programs and work with key stakeholders to deliver effective coastal management measures.

Achieving no increase in Community water use

Annual Community water consumption target

Learn more about how we can conserve water and protect water quality in Waverley

" "Water Harvesting and recycled water infrastructure

" "Stormwater Quality Improvement and Water Sensitive Urban Design

" "Water conservation and quality initiatives, through controls and engagement

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