If you’re looking for ways to design out waste in your life and reduce your carbon footprint, Transition Bondi has teamed up with Plastic Free Bronte to create Zero Waste East - a resource of tips you can integrate into your daily life.

Zero Waste East began last year when Waverley Council hosted a Collaboration for Impact Summit, for local environmental groups to come together, upskill and build their capacity to deliver environmental action in the Eastern Suburbs. Council then provided seed funds to some collaborative project ideas, and though originally envisaged as an exhibit, the Zero Waste Home team pulled off a great COVID pivot, and have translated their exhibit idea to social media.  @zerowasteast is now a resource of tips to live lower impact on Facebook and Instagram. Catalina Gouverneur, local web designer and tree hugger, explains

"Over the years we have become accustomed to buying, using a product and then disposing of it. ‘Take, Make, Waste’. We now know that there is a finite amount of resources, and making new things requires lots of energy. Additionally, the waste we create as individuals ends up somewhere, and we’re running out of ways to store and manage waste.

List of the amount of single use plastics used in household goods

“If this information feels overwhelming (I’m busy! I have a lot on my plate!) We hear you. You might also feel that changing how we live on an individual level and that being conscientious in what we choose to consume can feel futile in the face of such large and complex systemic challenges. However, according to Drawdown.org the Drawdown Solutions analysis reveals that individual and household actions have the potential to produce roughly 25–30 % of the total emissions reductions needed to avoid dangerous climate change (>1.5°C rise).

“The science shows that change is needed throughout the system, and these individual actions play an essential role in the transition we need to solve the climate crisis. By adopting a lower impact lifestyle, combined with joining a local community group in the East and being part of collective action, we can start to bring about the changes we need to get to net-zero faster than is being adopted by our national governments.

Plastic Bag Waste Impacts

Zero Waste East is based on the principles of the Circular Economy - Refuse, Reduce, Repair, Reuse and Recycle - which aims to keep materials in use for as long as possible to reduce the need for new resources."

“Together with other community initiatives such as Seaside Scavenge, Transition Bondi events and media, and Plastic Free Bronte’s presence, Zero Waste East strives to create a culture of lower-impact living for people in the Eastern Suburbs."

Follow @zerowasteeast and start your zero-waste journey with us. It feels good!

Environmental Impact of the shower and hot water

Author: Catalina Gouverneur