Repair Café

Waverley Council is partnering with community groups and residents to organise our inaugural pop-up Repair Café!

Repair Cafés first started around 2007 and are now operating across Australia and around the world as communities like Waverley commit to embracing a Circular Economy where we design out waste, keep materials in circulation for as long as possible and regenerate natural systems.

Waverley's Repair Café will be a community collective where locals can bring in broken or faulty items to be fixed by a dedicated group of volunteers, helping to break the cycle of ‘buy – use – dispose’. It will also build community cohesion and connection by enabling locals to share their skills and knowledge through small-scale repairs of everyday objects. Together, we will reduce ‘waste’ entering landfill and also reduce the volume of raw materials and energy required to manufacture new products - minimising our environmental impact and helping us move towards a zero-waste community.


Waverley's Repair Café is seeking volunteers of all skill levels and backgrounds to support this new community initiative of two or more 'pop-up' Repair Café sessions this year. If you are great at problem-solving, enjoy helping others, and have an interest or skill in any of the following (or more), please get in touch.

  • Clothing/textile mending and sewing
  • Small electrical appliance repairs
  • Bicycle maintenance
  • Furniture/wooden objects and basic carpentry
  • Knife sharpening
  • Books binding or repairs
  • Jewellery and watch repairs

To learn more about Waverley's Repair Café contact or call 02 9083 8916

To sign up a a volunteer, please complete the volunteer application form and choose "Repair Cafe".