Climate Change Programs

Urgent greenhouse gas emissions reductions are required across all sectors of society, and the sooner achieved, the sooner the impacts of climate change will be reduced, not only in Waverley but globally.

Waverley is striving or Net Zero community by 2035, and will provide infrastructure, education, financing support and leadership that reflects our community’s ambition for a safe climate, and honour our Climate and Biodiversity Emergency Declaration of 2019. This includes targeted support for renewables, energy efficiency and low emissions transport and leveraging incentives and advice to advance environmental upgrades. At the same time we will respond proactively to the climate impacts we cannot avoid such as extreme weather events, and strengthen our capacity to adapt, build resilience and thrive through uncertainty.

How we can reach Net Zero Community Emissions by 2035

Net Zero Community Target 2035

To learn more about how we can reduce emissions and build climate resilience together

" "Increase uptake of renewable energy and electric vehicles

" "Energy efficient buildings and infrastructure

" "Identify and manage climate risks

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