Environmental Action Plan

The Waverley community is passionate about the environment and sustainability. Our fifth local Environmental Action Plan has ambitious goals, strengthened long-term targets and actions to ensure ongoing positive impact on our local environment, people and the planet.

Our environmental goals are informed by our commitments to the community, the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency, circular economy principles and a long-standing commitment to embed environmental sustainability in Council’s operations and outcomes. Our targets have been informed by science, best practice and developed collaboratively with the local community.

Circular, resilient and sustainable Council

Circular, resilient and sustainable Council

  • Net Zero Council emissions by 2030
  • 100% renewable energy
  • 0% increase in Council water use
  • Improve Council’s sustainability performance
climate resilience

Reduce community emissions and prepare for climate risks

  • Net Zero community emissions by 2035
  • Increase low emission transport choices
  • Waverley’s climate resilience is enhanced
Conserving Water and improving water quality

Conserving water and improving water quality

  • 0% increase in community water use by 2030
  • Pollution in waterways is minimised by 2030
  • Good or better Beachwatch ratings for all beaches
Waste Circular Economy Chapter

Towards a zero waste community and a Circular Economy

  • 80% recovery rate from all waste streams by 2030 from 2017/18 levels
  • 50% reduction in organic waste sent to landfill by 2030 from 2017/18 levels
  • 60% reduction in litter by 2030 from 2009 levels
Urban Ecology chapter

Protect and increase bushland, parks, trees and habitat

  • 0% Loss of native vegetation from 2022 onwards
  • 20% of remnant vegetation is in good condition by 2030
  • 29% Green Cover (canopy and shrub) by 2030
  • 1000 habitat gardens established by 2030