May The Beast: North Bondi Asset Renewal Project

North Bondi Asset Renewal Project

Waverley Council is due to begin a suite of essential repair and renewal works along the promenade between Ramsgate Avenue, North Bondi, and the ocean in late April.

Residents and visitors to the area will notice several safety improvements to key infrastructure during the North Bondi Asset Renewal Project to replace the storm water culvert [drainage system] that runs under the promenade.

The culvert has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced for structural reasons.

Whilst replacing the culvert and the concrete slab above it, Council will also install a new access ramp and stairs to the children’s pool, pool pump and improved lighting and handrails.

Infrastructure along the North Bondi foreshore – including the culvert – dates back over 100 years and even the more contemporary additions such as the access ramp are around 30 years old.

The works will take around six months to complete, weather permitting, during the comparatively quieter, cooler months, to minimise disruption during peak periods.

Access through Biddigal Reserve to the beach will be restricted during construction and the ramp access to the pool will be closed.

We appreciate that North Bondi is busy all year-round, and construction will inconvenience some residents and visitors, but these civil works are for safety reasons and must be addressed outside of peak periods.

We thank residents and visitors for their patience during the works.

- Waverley Mayor John Wakefield

This column first appeared in the May edition of The Beast magazine.