February The Beast: Switch to LED efficient lighting

Switch to LED efficient lighting

Waverley Council is committed to tackling climate change and making environmental sustainability in our area second nature. This year we will implement several projects aimed at reducing our greenhouse emissions and protecting the local environment.

We have again partnered with Ausgrid to upgrade 506 of our street lights to LED efficient lights between February and May. This is on top of the 760 street lights that were updated last year.

The new environmentally-friendly lights will save over 137 tonnes of CO2 per year. This will bring the total amount of CO2 saved through this program to 337 tonnes per year- the equivalent to taking 113 cars off the road annually.

The environment is one of our top priorities at Waverley Council and this partnership is one of the way we can help reduce our carbon footprint for generations to come. Street lighting is also a vital community asset to help our residents feel safe and secure.

Beat the heat

Waverley Council is encouraging all residents and visitors to follow some simple health tips during the current heatwave/to beat the heat this summer. Hot weather and heatwaves cause illness, hospitalisations and sometimes death.

It is common for our lifeguards to see people with heat-related illness including dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and worsening of existing medical conditions.

Always remember to drink plenty of water, stay cool, take care of others and have a plan. And don’t forget to leave water out for our native fauna, and your pets.

For more information, visit https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/environment/beattheheat/Pages/health-in-hot-weather.aspx.

- Waverley Mayor John Wakefield.

This column first appeared in February edition of The Beast magazine.