6 Nov 2019: Living Connections program

6 November 2019

Do you live in Tamarama or Bronte and have a patch of green to call your own? Then join Waverley Council’s free Living Connections program and turn your garden into a natural oasis for you and small wildlife.

Our habitat corridors are extremely fragmented, making it hard for wildlife to move around to feed and reproduce. Our small birds like the Superb Fairy-Wren and the New Holland Honeyeater are now confined to coastal reserves and are rarely seen in our gardens. Private gardens hold the key for reconnecting habitat and creating a healthy thriving neighbourhood.

Signing up to Living Connections means you’ll receive:

  • Customised expert advice and free plants
  • Learn how to create a garden sanctuary for small birds
  • Contribute to a healthy green neighbourhood where birds can thrive.

While the current program is funded for Tamarama and Bronte, you can still help create bird friendly gardens if you love outside these areas.

For more information, visit: https://www.waverley.nsw.gov.au/environment/bushland_and_wildlife/living_connections