30 Jan: Allianz Stadium demolition consent.

On Monday, 21 January, I wrote to the Minister for Planning, Anthony Roberts, asking that the demolition of the Sydney Football Stadium does not proceed until the Minister has been able to correct any errors made in the issuing of the consent to date.

It is important to note that Waverley Council is designated by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure NSW as a significant stakeholder in the Stadium development proposal.

As per Council’s resolution of 7 January, 2019, if a satisfactory response has not been received from the Minister as soon as possible, Council will initiate legal proceedings in the Land & Environment Court, with the commencement of such proceedings being conditional upon at least one further Council resolving to join as a co-applicant in any such legal proceedings.

Waverley Council considers that the community would expect that a project of such significance as the Sydney Football Stadium would fully comply with the legislative requirements and processes. The legal advice we are in receipt of casts doubt of this having occurred.

We believe that this potential non-compliance will have adverse impact on Waverley's residents and businesses.

- Waverley Mayor, John Wakefield.

This column first appeared in the Wentworth Courier.