2 Oct 2019: New Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Waverley

2 October 2019

New Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Waverley

When I chose to run for Council seven years ago, it was because I have a great love and respect for our beautiful local government area. My deep respect for our community means I will work hard for our residents and ensure that our community’s voice is well heard.

In the next 12 months, we will continue to beautify our public places, protect our local neighbourhood centres and villages and fully engage in continuing to make our suburbs liveable and walkable.

People who know me can attest to my track record of fighting over developments, and I will continue to join with the community to fight the folly that is 194 Oxford Street.

I am the sixth only female to be elected as Mayor of Waverley, and I pay tribute to the women who have gone before me. I look forward to working with our new Deputy Mayor, Elaine Keenan, also of Lawson Ward, to ensure that the Council delivers a progressive agenda for the community and maintains the Council's strong financial position.