22 Jan: Coastal safety and help during bushfires

Coastal safety

I am horrified and saddened that another person has tragically lost their life on our coastline, this time near Diamond Bay. We will be working with the police as they conduct their enquiries to review how the tragic incident on 12 January occurred and what more can be done to improve safety of the area.

I strongly urge people to heed our warnings and act in their best interests and safety. Cliffs are dangerous so please keep to the paths/boardwalks, do not climb fencing and balustrades, and obey our clear signage. Your life may depend upon it.

Last year, Council increased ranger patrols, and upgraded signage clearly outlining the dangers of the cliffs in both text and universally recognised icons. We are also undertaking an independent coastal risk assessment review to managing Waverley’s coastline.

Help during bushfires

If you have anyone staying with you who has been impacted by the bushfires and needs assistance with anything from temporary parking permits to library cards, please call our Customer Service Centre who will be happy to assist on 9083 8000.

Volunteer organisations such as WIRES also need your support during the ongoing bushfire crisis. To make a donation or for instructions on how to knit pouches for orphaned joeys, visit wires.org.au.

Australia Day

Council works hard to keep Waverley’s beaches and public spaces clean and clear of rubbish and litter. If you are visiting our beautiful beaches or reserves this Australia Day, please dispose of your rubbish correctly. Remember: bin it so you don’t swim in it!

-Paula Masselos

Mayor of Waverley