20 Nov 2019: Bondi Pavilion Restoration & Conservation Project

20 November 2019

As Council prepares for approval next month of the development application (DA) for the Bondi Pavilion Restoration & Conservation Project, I would like to update the community on how Council has progressed this much-anticipated project so far.

Since lodging the DA in April, we have been busy completing maintenance and smaller-scale renovations at the Pavilion, including renovation of the public toilets, retiling the Gatehouse at the rear of the Pavilion and completely re-roofing of the High Tide room.

I appreciate that residents have lived through a number of plans for the redevelopment of Pavilion, so I fully understand if people feel that Council hasn’t made fast enough progress.

The community fought hard for this restoration; a restoration that has been guided by the Bondi Pavilion Conservation Management Plan (CMP) and extensive community consultation. Significant work was required to develop the CMP- a state government requirement for the development of heritage buildings- in the first instance, and I am delighted that our plan was approved by the government. Given this work, and the work that’s progressed since 2018 when the CMP was approved, Council’s progress on this restoration project has been impressive.

Once DA approval is received, Council aims to start the works in May 2020. Council is continuing to work with Pavilion stakeholders including leaseholders and finding alternatives for them.

Paula Masselos,

Mayor of Waverley