Waverley says Yes

23 May 2023

Waverley Council invites the community to come and learn more about the Uluru Statement From the Heart and the upcoming Voice to Parliament referendum at the Walking Together workshops delivered by co-creators Nicole Laupepa and Jacqui Parker.

This will be a free, interactive workshop that immerses participants in what it takes to walk together using the Uluru Statement from the Heart as an educational framework.

The workshop facilitates knowledge, understanding, and a sense of purpose for non-Indigenous Australia to walk together with First Nations people.

Waverley Council is offering two Walking Together workshop sessions at Bondi Pavilion Hightide room:

  • Friday 2 June: 1-4pm
  • Saturday 3 June: 1-4pm

Waverley Council is also offering a Train the Trainer workshop aimed at participants who have completed the Walking Together workshop and would like to become a trainer or presenter of a one-hour introduction to both the Uluru Statement and Voice to Parliament.

Participants are provided with resources and knowledge to facilitate educational sessions within their own communities. The Train the Trainer session will take place on Saturday 3 June at Bondi Pavilion Hightide Room from 5pm to 8pm.

Light refreshments will be provided to participants at each workshop.

In November last year, Waverley Council unanimously voted to support the Uluru Statement From the Heart which calls for two substantive changes: the Voice to Parliament and a Makarrata Commission to supervise agreement making and truth-telling about our First Nations history.

In February this year, Council also voted to support the ‘Yes’ case for the referendum through a community education strategy including workshops and community events.

“I represent a community that overwhelmingly supports an Aboriginal voice in the constitution, and there was such positive energy in the room last night and leading up to the Forum which was fully booked almost a week before the event,” Mayor Masselos said.

“Creating divisions and uncertainty for short term political gain is abhorrent, and I am proud to be taking part in this once in a lifetime chance for recognition.

“Our constitution still doesn’t recognise our first Australians and it’s time that it did.”

Council’s position on the Uluru Statement reflects our ongoing commitment to reconciliation as outlined in our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), adopted in 2019.

The RAP outlines Council’s vision for a vibrant, resilient, caring and inclusive community where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples practice and celebrate their culture and heritage proudly, are honoured for their survival and resilience, respected and acknowledged as First Nations peoples with the right to determine their own futures, and supported to continue to overcome adversity.

"Waverley Council is continuing to work with our RAP Committee, the Uluru Dialogue, Yes 23 campaign and representatives of the traditional owners of the Sydney area with connection to Waverley in the design of our education and awareness about the Statement,” Mayor Masselos said.

Click here to register for our Walking Together and Train the Trainer Workshops.


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