Update on our beaches

UPDATE 5.10pm, Sunday 30 August

Waverley Council was pleased with visitor behaviour today at our beaches and parks. The majority of people were social distancing by 1.5 metres apart and did not gather in groups of more than 20 as per the current public health orders.

The numbers on the sand at our beaches complied with the four square metre rule.  3pm was the peak time at Bondi Beach and visitor numbers complied with the four square metre rule.

Social distancing was adhered to by the majority of people as shown in our drone image taken over Bondi Beach at 3pm.

We remind the public that we are still in a pandemic and we need to adapt our behaviour to that reality. If our public places look busy, please come back another time or use that time to grab a coffee or a bite to eat and support our local businesses.

Council Rangers and beach ambassadors patrolled the sand, parks and promenade, and were happy with visitor behaviour.

Police patrolled the area and were happy with the way things were handled.

Crowd are dispersing and have halved since 3pm.

Waverley Council has been working with NSW Health, the police and our neighbouring Councils since March on a coordinated approach to managing health risks at our beaches and public spaces. Our collective focus has been on proactively managing our beaches and parks in line with public health orders to reduce the risks to the health and safety of our community from coronavirus.

Again, if our beaches look busy, please come back another time or use that time to visit our local businesses.