PUDO has arrived in Waverley!

24 July 2020

In a first of its kind project in Australia, Waverley Council is installing 10 new kerbside pick-up/drop-off (PUDO) bays across Waverley in a trial initiative aimed at increasing pedestrian and motorist safety and access to transport links and shared transportation.

The PUDO bays will provide safe access for ride share vehicles, taxis and the general public to pick-up and drop-off passengers safely in high traffic areas such as the Bondi Junction Interchange and Bondi Beach, with two endorsed mobile apps connecting them to the bay locations.

This Smart City Transport and Parking initiative is a joint project between the Council, Transport for NSW, ride share operators and other key stakeholders.

Mayor of Waverley, Paula Masselos, said the unveiling of the PUDOs coincides with more people looking for alternative ways to travel.

“We know that with the pressure on our public transport system due to COVID-related capacity limitations, more and more people are out and about but looking for alternative ways to travel so it’s very important that we make the flow of people and traffic as safe as possible,” Mayor Masselos said.

“In the past five years, we’ve seen massive growth in the popularity of ride share services in Waverley, and to help make it safer for everyone to get around, we are installing PUDOs in high-traffic areas close to public transport, shops and restaurants for anyone to use.

“These bays will help improve safety for all, whether you’re dropping your partner to work or at the station, or giving a flatmate a lift to pick-up take-away from your favourite local restaurant."

Transport for NSW's Chris Bennetts and Waverley Mayor, Paula Masselos, at the now operational PUDO bay outside Bondi Junction Interchange, Grafton Street, Bondi Junction

To support the Smart City Transport and Parking initiative, Transport for NSW launched the Waverley Transport Innovation Challenge in February this year, which called on innovators, entrepreneurs and start-ups to create a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) application. The MaaS concept proposes a seamless travel experience for planning, booking and purchasing transport as it is required, while also reducing the need for individually owned assets such as cars.

As a result of the challenge, two MaaS apps have been endorsed: Moovit, the international leader in MaaS solutions and maker of the #1 urban mobility app, and Wave by Sydney-based transport technology start-up Swiftfare. Both Moovit and Wave will help locals plan their journeys around Waverley more efficiently and get to and from the PUDO points conveniently.

Chris Bennetts, Acting Head of Technology and Innovation at Transport for NSW said that public demand for more personalised transport services has enabled the MaaS movement to grow in Sydney.

“Whether customers choose to walk, cycle, drive, take shared or public transport, this means they will be able to use cutting edge mobility-as-a-service apps to discover the best transport options to suit their needs, including tailored local features like PUDO Bays."

“Waverley’s kerbside data, including the new PUDO Bay locations, will become available to customers through the Wave and Moovit apps that also offer multi-modal trip planning.” Bennetts said.

Most of the PUDOs will be located in existing ‘No Standing’ areas with plenty of room to safely pull over to drop-off and pick-up passengers from the kerbside. Data from ride share services helped inform the locations of the PUDOs which can be used by all motorists.

Waverley’s first PUDO Bay is now operational outside Bondi Junction Interchange in Grafton St. All other locations to be operational from 27 July and be trialled for 12 months. Other locations include:

  • Glenayr Avenue south side between Glasgow Avenue and Beach Road
  • Curlewis Street north side between Campbell Parade and Gould Street
  • Roscoe Street north side between Gould Street and Gould Lane
  • Hall Street north side between Gould Lane and Campbell Parade
  • Campbell Parade west side between Lamrock Ave and Hall Street
  • Hall Street north side between O’Brien Street and Gould Street
  • Adelaide Street west side between Oxford Street and Grafton Street
  • Ebley St, near entrance to Eastgate Shopping, Bondi Junction
  • Bronte Road west side between Ebley Street and Spring Street (this will be installed following completion of the Bondi Junction Cycleway).

For more information about this initiative, visit https://www.waverley.nsw.gov.au/environment/sustainable_transport/smart_city_transport_and_parking_initiative