New trees planted in Waverley Park

Tuesday 7 April 2020

Seven new trees, include four Norfolk Pines and three Watergums, have been planted in Waverley Park during April.

Not only will these urban trees improve air quality, help provide habitat for native species and provide sunshade for the community during Australia's warmer months, they will also protect Council's Water Harvesting infrastructure under the sports field.

The underground tanks have a capacity of 250,000 litres. These tanks filter and store rainwater and groundwater seepage at Waverley Park to irrigate the oval, sports fields and gardens. In addition to this, the tanks provide water for flushing toilets at the Margaret Whitlam Centre.

Beyond significant savings of approximately 9 mega litres of drinking water per year and financial savings of $20,000 annually, the project also improves local water quality by reducing stormwater run-off.

For more information about this award-winning project, see here.