Improving pedestrian safety in Waverley

22 February 2022

Waverley Council is working with Transport for NSW to improve pedestrian and motorist safety with new traffic calming measures across the Waverley local government area (LGA).

Traffic calming treatments including pedestrian crossings, kerb extensions and road humps are being installed at 36 locations south of Bondi Road.

Three treatments [speed cushions] have already been installed at Park Parade*, Bennett Street and Ruthven Street, with the remaining 33 treatments scheduled to be installed between February and July 2022.

Transport for NSW is funding all 36 treatments which have been approved by Council and informed by community consultation held in late 2019 and early 2020. More information about the project as well as specific locations are listed at

Mayor of Waverley, Paula Masselos, said a 2019 traffic study by Council highlighted areas across the LGA where cars must be slowed to reduce the risk of fatalities and serious injury.

“Governments throughout Australia are committed to Vision Zero, which aims for zero deaths or major injuries on our roads,” Mayor Masselos said.

“The most cost-effective way to achieve this is by reducing road speeds and providing better infrastructure such as traffic calming devices particularly for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, bicycle riders and motorcyclists.

“Our most recent Waverley People Movement and Places study cites research that showed that when Australia introduced a default speed limit of 50km in urban areas, the number of casualties decreased by 23%.

“Given that anecdotally, during peak times, traffic speeds in Waverley are closer to around 30km/h anyway, and given that more people are out about because they are working remotely, now is the time to further reduce speed limits in Waverley and help save lives.

“In various community consultations also, Waverley residents raised concerns around pedestrian safety and the overwhelming need for cars to travel slower in their neighbourhoods.”

Transport for NSW is also separately funding an upgrade of the existing crossing on Birrell Street at Henrietta Street.

All treatments except for line marking will be installed during daytime hours over a period of a few weeks at each location. The contractor QMC Group will write to affected residents and businesses seven days before day works start and 14 days before any night works at each location.

Waverley Council is also working with Transport for NSW on opportunities to reduce speed limits from 50km/h to 40km/h in parts of the Waverley local government area to improve safety.

For more information or to get in touch with the project team, visit

*The speed cushions at Park and Bennett are being trialed for 12 months.


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