Glenayr Avenue Streetscape Upgrade update

19 December 2022

Waverley Council wishes to advise that Glenayr Avenue Streetscape Upgrade works will be paused over the Christmas period.

Our head contractor Mack Civil aims to demobilise the site by the end of today, Monday 19 December and will resume works on Monday 9 January.

Works in the new year will include landscaping, further mill and resheeting works, minor concrete works and electrical works to install multipurpose smart poles.

Demobalisation is the closeout phase of the streetscape works project and includes the removal of temporary ramps, access ways, signs, temporary fencing and other construction‐related material. Minimal barricades may remain around the areas that are unsafe to open to the community. A small site compound will remain.

Mack Civil aims to demobilise the site by today, Monday 19 December.

Key features of the Glenyar Avenue Streetscape Upgrade include:

  • Building raised continuous footpaths and intersection treatments
  • Renewing existing raised pedestrian crossings
  • Investigating improvements to existing bike route
  • Planting of additional trees and greenery
  • Installing high-quality paving in commercial areas
  • Improving stormwater drainage
  • Incorporating water sensitive urban design, like raingardens
  • Installing new multipurpose poles, with integrated signage, smart lighting and electric vehicle charging capabilities

The design was developed based on feedback from community consultations and several Council-endorsed strategies, including the Community Strategic Plan, Environmental Action Plan, Strategic Asset Management Plan, Our Liveable Places Centres Strategy, and People Movement and Places.

Concept images, as well as supporting documents that provide more in-depth information about this project, are available at

For information about the demobilisation, contact Mack Civil’s Project Manager on 0424 136 386 or email