Economic recovery during COVID

16 February 2022

Waverley Council is helping our economy remain healthy by supporting our local businesses wherever we can.

"Our Business Resource Centre has been working closely with local businesses throughout the pandemic and there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel," Mayor Masselos said.

Figures from the Australian Business Register show that in 2020/21, 289 new businesses were registered in Waverley and new business registrations outpaced business cancellations. This brings the total number of businesses in Waverley to 42,257 for the period.

Our latest figures show that in the year ending October 2021, there were 33 million transactions recorded in Waverley, equating to a total local spend of $2,173 million. Around $433 million was spent on dining and entertainment and $288 million was spent on specialised and luxury goods.

"We want our businesses to continue to do well and to remain open and we help by shopping local wherever possible and helping reduce the spread of COVID through increased vaccination and testing," Mayor Masselos said.

"As at 9 February, there were 2294 active cases of COVID-19 in the community, down from more than 7000 in mid-January, but we are still experiencing the impacts of those high figures.

"Our essential services teams have been hit like the rest of Sydney with COVID-19, and many of our people have had to isolate.

"While we’ve been able to continue waste collection, and keeping beaches safe, the recent heavy rain and reduced staff numbers has seen a weeding and mowing backlog.

"I want to assure the community that we are working hard to attend to everything, including at our cemeteries, but if you see something you can report it using the free Snap Send Solve app."

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And in local business events:

Registrations are open for the Bondi Women in Business online breakfast with the Mayor at 8.30am on Friday 18 February, presented by the Bondi & Districts Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Masselos.

This is an opportunity for local business women to connect over an online breakfast with the Mayor and have the opportunity to:

* share your business

* voice any concerns with the Mayor

* network with other likeminded women and the Mayor.

For more information, visit