Supporting the construction industry during COVID-19

12.57pm 25 March 2020

Waverley Council is helping keep our local economy going by continuing to deliver construction projects across our LGA.

We are proud to be able to support employment in the construction industry during this very difficult time. At present there is no ban on construction work.

Our contractors will react appropriately to any changes announced by the Federal and/or state governments.

We appreciate that construction works can temporarily impact on amenity but we are calling on the community, particularly people now working from home, to be respectful towards our contractors who are working hard to help keep our public places beautiful, functional and safe.

Construction generally takes place during business hours when people are traditionally at work or at school. For people now working from home, having to live with extra noise or changes to parking may take some getting used to. In high-pedestrian areas, the increase in people staying at home has created the opportunity to deliver works in these areas with minimal disruption.

Please, let’s all work together to support our economy in these challenging times, and adapt accordingly. Everyone is trying to do a great job and every job is different. We also remind the public that abuse towards our contractors will not be tolerated.

These are just some of our upcoming construction projects:

  • Bondi Playground huts: completion due in two weeks
  • Boardwalk remediation works at Eastern Ave and Diamond Bay Reserve: repairs to each section of the boardwalk will take three weeks with completion due at the end of May
  • Stage 3 - Bondi Junction Cycleway and Streetscape Upgrade: recent heavy rain has delayed completion of Stage 2. Stage 3 works to commence soon.
  • Notts Avenue Pedestrian Safety and Streetscape Upgrade: residents to be notified soon of start of works.
  • Eastgate Car Park Spring St exit: Changing two lanes to one, due end of April
  • Road infrastructure renewal projects including, road resheeting, footpath reconstruction, kerb and gutter reconstruction

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 9083 8000, email or visit our Mayor Projects page