Children are the future: Waverley Council holds youth summit

12 September 2023

Waverley Council’s recent Youth Summit empowered children and young people in our community to have greater influence on council processes that impact on them and programs that benefit them.

The event, held last week, offered a unique platform for student leaders from local schools to advocate for the interests and concerns of young people in Waverley.

Mayor of Waverley, Paula Masselos, with participants at last week’s Youth Summit held at Waverley Council Chambers.

Mayor of Waverley, Paula Masselos, said "I enjoyed listening closely to the voices of our young residents and understanding their priorities. This summit demonstrated our commitment to better engage with children and young people in our community."

The summit brought together 34 students from nine local schools. During the half-day session, these young leaders had the opportunity to address the Mayor, General Manager, council officers and teachers on issues that are important to them and their peers. Mayor Masselos said “we asked the attendees to speak to their fellow students before the summit, to be able to report to us on issues that affect them and that they’re passionate about.”

"Each school presented on their priority issues. We believe in fostering a dialogue with children and young people in Waverley, giving them a direct line to influence the decisions and policies that affect them."

Today's summit provided a platform for the diverse voices of our children and young residents to be heard. Waverley Council wanted to gain valuable insights into the issues that matter most to our children and young people and explore ways to integrate their perspectives into our consultation and decision-making processes.

"We are fully committed to offering an extensive range of recreational and educational activities for our young people," Mayor Masselos said. "By engaging with them directly through events like the Youth Summit, we hope to create a brighter future for our community. We look forward to holding similar events, and the outcomes of the summit will be used to plan a further programme of direct engagement between young people and Council.”


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