Update on the beach club proposal on Bondi Beach

Council is assessing a modified proposal for a beach club on Bondi Beach from a commercial operator. The proposal is for a section of Bondi Beach to be utilised for the commercial activity of a beach club between February and May 2021.

Due to the proposed length of the proposal, Council last night advised the applicant that in addition to an application under Council’s Events Policy, a Development Application (DA) for both the proposed activity and the related structure is legally required.

The Mayor of Waverley, Paula Masselos said Council will ensure proper process is followed when assessing the modified proposal for a beach club.

“Waverley Council is a public entity, and as such is required to assess all proposals put forward under the relevant laws and policies with an open mind. In this instance, there is a legal requirement for a DA to be submitted in addition to the requirement for an application under Council’s Events Policy,” said Mayor Masselos.

“It is important that Council follow proper process in assessing this proposal. While there are various views on the proposal being aired, anyone has the right to submit a proposal.

“While as a matter of principle, the regulatory and policy settings are geared towards beaches and open spaces being there to be enjoyed freely by everyone, this proposal needs to be properly assessed against those laws and policies so that the appropriate determinations can be made.

“I note that if the Applicant submits a valid DA, there will be a period of community consultation as part of that process. That would give the community the chance to formally submit their views on the proposal.”