Right of Burial Certificates for allotments at Waverley Cemetery Notice in the Gazette in Sydney Morning Herald this week

14 June 2019

We are receiving a lot of enquiries from people interested in knowing more about a recent listing of names that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald and NSW Government Gazette this week.

All the names that are listed have bought Right of Burial Licenses at Waverley Cemetery between 1877-1991. Most of the allotments sold had 25 year or 50 year tenure periods. In that time period nobody was buried in the allotment and now the tenure is expired. The person that purchased them have also not kept their contact details updated with the cemetery. That is why we are reaching out via the newspaper to try to contact the people listed, their heirs or dependents to give them the first opportunity to renew. To see the full list of names please take a look at https://gazette.legislation.nsw.gov.au/so/download.w3p?id=Gazette_2019_2019-58.pdf. 

To find out more or if you recognise a name on the list please contact cemetery@waverley.nsw.gov.au